Nishan Products Ahmedabad: Carving a Niche in Incense Industry

Nishan Products: Carving a Niche in Incense Industry

--Special Story by Payal Agrawal--

An enterprising businessman Bhagat Patel used to sell Agarbatti (Incense) raw
material in the year 1998 and dreamed to excel in this industry with his small enterprise. His hard work and
dedication gave the desired outcomes. Six years later, in 2004, he formally launched a
company- Nishan Products and never looked back. The company has carved a niche in both
domestic and international markets. The popular brand is now present in 12 states in the
country. Though nearly 90 per cent of its products are meant for the domestic market, 10 per
cent of its high-quality products are in great demand in Eastern Africa and neighbouring

The business is now spearheaded by two sons of Bhagat Patel, Pratik Patel and
Sandip Patel. While Sandip patel is responsible for raw material procurement and marketing,
Pratik Patel looks after production and perfumery.


In a candid conversation with Incense Media, Pratik Patel & Sandip Patel, the Directors, Nishan
Products gives a glimpse of their business and spoke about the company’s growth strategies.


Incense Media : What are the challenges you face in the agarbatti market?

Pratik Patel : Competition is the biggest challenge in this market. There are a lot of players - both
organized and unorganized. Many companies are trying to introduce new innovative
products at best prices. Bamboo availability is another big challenge. India relies on other
countries for bamboo supply. Therefore, any change in government policies will certainly
affect this industry.


Incense Media : What is Nishan Product doing to empower women and reduce unemployment?

Sandip Patel : The company employs approximately 70 percent of women and 30 percent of men. The
mission of Nishan products is to make a significant difference in the lives of women in
nearby villages. Women are responsible for making agarbatti, perfuming, and packaging the
products, while men are responsible for the heavy lifting. There is no doubt that we are
empowering rural women. Product of Nishan products are manufactured in-house, from raw materials
to finished goods. There are three units in total - one in Naroda, one in Kathwada, and one in
Pratij village near Ahmadabad.

Pratik Patel & Sandip Patel of Nishan Products, Ahmedabad

Incense Media : How did Nishan Products Brand get leadership positioning in the market?

Pratik Patel : We have created a brand with exclusive fragrance of agarbatti making, a fragrant
nourishment enhancer for meditation use and providing a comforting aroma to your room.
This gave wings to the incense market in a big way. Nishan Products thrives because it
believes that there is always room for improvement. Among Nishan's mainstays are its never
give up attitude and constant focus on quality.

Incense Media : What are Nishan’s future plans and how are you contributing to the industry?

Sandip Patel : Currently, our floor plans would meet the requirements and demand until the year 2025. We
are on target to meet the growing demand from our existing and prospective customers. We
believe that every home should start the day with a pleasant fragrance, scent, and feeling.
Our ambrosia products make us famous as Nishan’s Ambrosia. Our business assistance
programs provide financial assistance to society and the country. We also contribute to the
national exchequer with 5 percent Goods and Services Tax (GST). As taxpayers, we
contribute to the economic growth of our country. At the local level, we are empowering

women of nearby villages by providing them employment. Incense is usually considered a
low-revenue business, however, it generates huge employment opportunities. Today,
employment generation is a top priority for the country and we are also contributing to it.

Incense Media : Who helped you carve a niche in the agarbatti business?

Pratik Patel : I think that we owe our success to our hard working employees for getting the job done on
time and to our distribution Channel partners for being trustworthy. However, we can't
neglect the fact that the real credit for Nishan Products has to be given to our father who
founded the company back in 1998.

Incense Media : What advice would you give to start-ups in the Incense Industry?

Sandip Patel : My sincere advice to young entrepreneurs is to put your heart and soul into quality products.
Given huge domestic demand as well as global markets and FMCG's endless sales potential, this
business is ever-growing in terms of higher consumption. Because of the size and
population of India, this industry would always perform well. A never-give-up attitude and
patience are crucial to sustainability and growth in this industry. When you put your heart
and soul into quality products, the best packaging, and a strong marketing strategy, you will
surely reap the benefits. As far as this industry is concerned, there is no negative effect
caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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