Success for you, success for me - by Deepak Goyal

What most of us want from life is “Success” and all our energy and sources are being channelized in chasing it. But what Success is all about? What is the meaning of Success and How can it be achieved?

You read or listen to any Business or Management Guru, and the common outcome is “Think Big or Do Big”. Let me ask you and please answer honestly, how many of you have seen somebody turning successful simply talking big or thinking big?

Or does success mean wearing branded clothes or using imported accessories?

I think, no. You may have a different thinking.

You just go to a person struggling to earn his daily bread, to think big and do something big. Would he? He can’t. Doesn’t he want success in life?

Success is for everybody and everybody wants to be successful, be it a person doing laborer job or a million dollar business owner. But the meaning of Success is different to everybody. Somebody has a dream of earning Rs. 25000 to be called as successful and the other may even not call him successful with Rs. 500 Crores. The one who is happy with what he has. is successful.

To come up in life, you have to decide as how to reach next level or how to come out from current dark situation to a comfortable position? So the time you have complete dark, still a desire to be successful, set a goal you easily can achieve and just do it. Once you achieve that, set the next doable goal and chances are very bright that you succeed.

By - Deepak Goyal (Editor, Incense Media) [email protected]



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