Hari Darshan to be the Main Sponsor of Delhi Agarbatti Expo - confirms Goldy Nagdev

Hari Darshan to be the Main Sponsor of Delhi Agarbatti Expo.

Managing Director of Hari Darshan Group, Goldy Nagdev recently confirmed the Main Sponsorship of International Agarbatti & Perfume Expo-2018 to be held at Pragati Maidan Delhi being organized by Incense Media.

With 11 production units across the country and over 1000 strong team members, Haridarshan Group (Hari Darshan Sevashram Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the largest manufacturers of Incense, Spirituals, Aromatherapy Products, Fragrances, and other related products.

In his own words Mr. Goldy Nagdev, is an entrepreneur, thinker, traveller and learner.
Even though he is at the helm of a legendary brand, Hari Darshan, his energy, enthusiasm & ability to take initiatives for the industry is commendable, specially his constant motivation and guidance to young & new entrepreneurs.

His talks & sessions on Business & Management are gaining popularity. His simple & free ways, funny examples and ability to involve the audience makes these talks as joyous as they are relevant.

Here are some pictures from his talks in Hyderabad & Chennai chapters of Incense Arena. It is a delight to be associated with Mr. Goldy Nagdev & Hari Darshan Group.




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