Spiritual connection of Agarbatti

By - Astrologer Vijay Goel, Jaipur

Agarbatti is used all over the world nearly in all major religion.It is used as the symbol for faith and devotion.

Homam (Havan) was the basic fire ritual used by our Rishes.Later ‘Dhoop’, a micro fire ritual made of homam material was introduced to save time.For fragrance pure sandalwood sticks, different herbs like agar, tagar, natural perfumes etc. were used.Our Rishis scientifically studies various natural herbs and substances and their uses for various healing purposes.

Characteristics of Agarbatti

Spiritual healing: There are many different composition of various herbs which pacify the negative impacts of planetary Devtas and to appease many forms of Devtas used in worship to pacify negative energy in space.

Emotional healings: Various natural perfumes are used to elevate different moods and healings, like Aroma therapy to heal mind.

Physical healings: Various composition of herbs can help in curing diseases including cancer as used in homam, these has been scientifically tested on various ashram like GayatriAshram, to heal body.

China has successfully marketed their spiritual products like Fengui all over the world worth of billions of dollars. Our culture has 1000’s of spiritual products and we should improve of marketing strategies to make our presence globally.

Agarbatti is used as a symbol for devotion only. Industry should upgrade and introduce different products for health and lifestyle. It should start various activities to make ties and joins hands with professional like astrologers, healers, pundits. These relationships should be developed in the same theme like cosmetics and beauty parlors.

Industries as a social responsibility should donate on various ancient religious sites and side by side promote their brand. Industries should joins hands with various related professionals for better progress.Agarbatti should be promoted as a health and lifestyle scientific product beside devotional value. It scientifically promoted worldwide


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