Sep 2019


Fragrance - Important Part of World History

Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have attempted to mask or enhance their own odor by using perfume, which emulates nature's pleasant smells. Many natural and man-made materials have been used to make perfume to apply to the skin and clothing, to put in cleaners and cosmetics, or to scent the air.

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    Interview Kaleem Khan Rocket Agarbatti Nagpur

    राकेट अगरबत्ती (नागपुर) - एक परिचय

    Life Story of Rajendra Prasad Goyal Managing Editor Incense Media

    कभी पहुंचाते थे घर-घर अखवार, आज इनकी मीडिया फर्म "इन्सेंस मीडिया" करती है करोड़ों का बिज़नेस |

    Mehi International & Satya Bangalore join hands

    Mehi International & Satya, Bangalore join hands and firm opens office in Delhi. Office was inaugurated by Shri Vyasanand Ji Maharaj.

    Hari Darshan to be the Main Sponsor of Delhi Agarbatti Expo - confirms Goldy Nagdev

    Managing Director of Hari Darshan Group, Goldy Nagdev recently confirmed the Main Sponsorship of International Agarbatti & Perfume Expo-2018 to be held at Pragati Maidan Delhi being organized by Incense Media.

    Success for you, success for me - by Deepak Goyal

    What most of us want from life is “Success” and all our energy and sources are being channelized in chasing it. But what Success is all about? What is the meaning of Success and How can it be achieved?


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