The Legacy of 44 Years – Lotus Sambrani

The legacy of 44 years - Lotus Sambrani 

Lotus Sambrani was founded 44 years back as a cottage industry in Virudunagar,Tamilnadu. Company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Instant Sambrani, Cup Sambrani, Benzoin Resin and Sandal Incense Sticks.

From humble start, Lotus has grown to one of the largest manufacturers of Benzoin Resin in the country today with an annual production capacity of 1000 tonnes. Company is committed to make the traditional Sambrani i.e. Benzoin Resin products in more suitable way for the current trend and lifestyle.

In a conversation with Incense Media, Mr. S. Sivakumar, Managing Director – Lotus Sambrani, conveyed his vision and mission. His own note as follows, “Our presence in the industry for 44 years is because of People, Product and Process. From vendors, our team and supply chain (Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers) ; we are strong in relationship. Also we all share the benefits and profits at every level mutually.
Quality is not magic or tuff or hard effort. We do it just simple; quality ingredients with little care on consumer resulting in quality products. Trend is everything. To sustain in the industry we accept and adapt changes according to trend. Though the success ratio of new products is 20:80 we keep on doing it.

Display of Lotus Sambrani products during Incense Media's International Agarbatti & Perfume Expo-2019 at Mumbai
Our young energetic team resist the comfort zone. We are strict by ourselves in following the process. We think about customer service repeatedly and upgrade the quality of the product and services in all possible ways.
We feel the competitors are just one among business organizations providing job opportunities and spreading fragrance. In general we are not interested to compete in fragrance, price, package or any mean. We acquire our own customers by unique products and services that can be done  only by ‘THE TEAM LOTUS’.
We don't believe in rank or positioning. It's the view of others. But we take our own responsibility, we create our own future in our own way.
I thank God for blessings me that I am bounded by people of good thoughts.
"Jai Hind”.




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