Thakral Group on the impact of Incense Media's Mumbai Agarbatti Exhibition

How Mumbai Agarbatti Exhibition can positively impact Incense Industry and Maharashtra Market

Thakral Group is a leading manufacturer of Incense sticks based at Nagpur, Maharashtra. Incense Media tried to understand the impact of Mumbai Agarbatti & Perfume Exhibition on the incense businesses and local Maharashtra market, through the Director of Thakral Group, Shri Bharat Thakral. What he and Shri Hasmukh Thakral said on it, is here.. 

Agarbatti manufacturing was started in Mysore and Bangalore. While searching for the market, south Indian businesses preferred Maharashtra being a central location in India. All the manufacturers had their marketing headquarters in Jalgaon-Khandesh area being a main railway junction. It was easy to cover Marathwada, Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha, Gujarat as well as Mumbai (The commercial capital of India), from there. Major consumption of agarbatti in the ’90s was in Maharashtra as per data of one of the Agarbatti associations.

Major regional agarbatti players (manufacturers) also started their production in Maharashtra, specially in Nagpur, Nashik and Pune. At that time consumers of Gujarat and Rajasthan were using gums like Loban and Gugal.  At that time the taste of  Maharashtra people was changing time to time, like

Between 2005-2010 Champa scented incense sticks were in demand
While 2011-2013 was the time for Fruity, Soapy & Cosmetic fragrances
During 2014-2016 Powdery Aldehyde Rose was preferred
and 2017-2018 was good for Intimatetype frgrances

Presently Pineapple scent incense sticks are in high demand.
Maharashtra & Gujarat are known for accepting changes and development. One of the live example is Safari Big; Even though Safari Big was the first pouch packed incense, it easily got acceptance in Maharashtra market because of the tendency of people.

Maharashtra’s traders are known for Trust, Transparency and Right Communication. Also, all the major commercial activity of the Central, Western and Deccan areas are covered by Mumbai and Maharashtra region. Mumbai is the head office of various multinational firms, high quality perfumers, chemicals suppliers and export houses. Major Agarbatti firms finds it easy to reach Mumbai from Indore, Nasik, Pune, Nagpur and Surat. Mumbai port is also used to import and export the raw materials and incense sticks.

In our understanding, Incense Media’s Mumbai Agarbatti & Perfume exhibition will prove to be a beneficial one for local market, exporters and quality manufacturers. Through this B2B exhibition, Incense business will achieve new heights and volume of business will also be increased.

Mumbai expo will lead to growth in Oriental Market with Oriental Fragrances. Exhibitors from far east and delegates from eastern countries are anticipated. In Malaysia, Incense Arena got tremendous response for Incense Arena which also got support from Malaysian government & business houses of eastern countries.

Hope, this expo will have pavilions especially from Vietnam, China & other far-eastarn countries. This expo will be great gathering of Eastern Aroma businesses & Incense Industries. Mumbai Incense Expo will have a greater impact. It should be the beginning of a revolution in incense industry.

Wishing Team Incense Media the very best for this big project.

(As conveyed by Thakral Group to Incense Media.)



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