Life Story of Radheshyam Singhal - Killer Agarbatti

Life Story of Mr. Radhe Shyam Singhal - Killer Agarbatti, Guwahati 

The only Mantra for success is, “Work is Worship” - Radhey Shyam

Mr. Radhey Shyam Singhal, Founder - Killer Agarbatti


Killer brand is the leading Incense Brand in North Eastern part of India.Here is a piece of information shared by Mr. Singhal about his journey in making Killer Agarbatti a brand.

We started this Pooja Agarbatti Business in 2003 with very little capital as we were not having enough funds to buy raw material and other resources. My wife, who is real role model of my life and has been backbone behind this success, had helped a lot in making this business a Brand, it has been today.

I remember, we started it from our small house which contains only 2 rooms. In our bed room, we used to work while in other room, we deployed 2 female workers which were called from neighbor only. We both used to wake up early morning and start working at 4 AM. Our entire family devoted their time & soul to manage and expand this business.

My elder daughter which is a bright CA student and has been very talented from childhood (by grace of God) also supported this venture by handling all compliances and paper work. She used to give lot many ideas to grow business and handle the surroundings.

After 6 months of initial good response, we took a space on rent nearby the house and started working from there. Actually it was easy to manage form there. Gradually it started to increase and we formed a company. We deployed more workers and shifted to bigger work space thereon. We started getting the response all across, however there had been many hurdles as well, in term of managing competitors, cash flows etc.

Actually at that point of time, we were new to the industry and older players were already there to grab the entire market but we kept focusing on customer satisfaction, which certainly helped a lot in this success. Our collective efforts started being materialized and we did establish ourselves in the market. Now we are aiming to reach in the top 5 businesses in Incense Industry.

Our main vision is still HAPPY CUSTOMERS with “Good Product at Best Price”. We keep family relations with our wholesaler, dealers, distributors. Though we do not have a direct reach to end users, still we wish that an excellent product should reach to the end user so they can be satisfied all the time.We devote Tan, Man & Dhan to our business and our success mantra is “work is worship”.




pradeepan Aug. 8, 2020, 6:59 p.m.

sir , as i learn your story about your bussiness history it is full of hard work god thanks iam also thinking about start up a bussiness in our village if possible please forward a guidness to me presently iam in abroad

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