Keshav Bansal: A Chemical Engineer’s Chemistry with Footwear Industry is Compelling

Keshav Bansal: A Chemical Engineer’s Chemistry with Footwear Industry is Compelling  


Vajeer Footwear's Director, Keshav Bansal did his Chemical Engineering at prestigious IIT-BHU (Varanasi) and a well-established fast-growing footwear company established by his father required him more than the chemical industry. He preferred the footwear industry and being professionally trained he has been taking the company to new highs.


Keshav’s father and founder of Vajeer Footwear in Jaipur is a gold medallist Charted Accountant and he has got a very innovative mind. In 1987, he started Vajeer Footwear in Jaipur and over the years it established itself as a credible brand in not only Rajasthan but in other parts of the country also. Vajeer’s quality products are available, through dealership networks, in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Jharkhand. The company is also exporting its products to seven overseas markets including France, Brazil, Ghana, and Caribbean countries.


“I completed my Chemical Engineering course from IIT-BHU (Varanasi) in 2014 and I thought being trained technically I can add further value to Vajeer. Hence, I joined the company as a Director. My father- the Founder Director- always motivates us to focus on pioneering initiatives and hence innovations, automation, strong Research, Design, and Development division with an in-house raw material testing lab, modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, skill development, and women empowerment are our main focus areas for growth,” says KeshavBansal.


In the new normal, the focus of the company is on innovation and expansion. “After 13 months of the outbreak of the pandemic, businesses started improving and now we look forward to higher growth in the current financial year and coming years. As the pandemic is under control, we hope demand would further increase and that would augur well for the footwear industry as well,” KeshavBansal adds.


KeshavBansal has now been spearheading the company’s technical and social initiatives. Innovations and initiatives of the company are interlinked. Vajeer, since its inception, has focused on skill development, employment generation, and women empowerment. It has four manufacturing units that employ nearly 600 people and 350 employees are women-deployed in all most every division of the company. Moreover, the company provides skill development training to its employees so that they can see growth in their careers as well as further value to the company.


Under his visionary leadership, Vajeer Footwear has equipped all its four units with state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery. Three units are located in Jaipur and the latest 4th unit has been set up at KhatuShyamji, nearly 80 Km from Jaipur.


“Now, Vajeer is making over 50,000 pairs every day and as we grow production capacity will be increased further. We are focusing on an eco-friendly and sustainable production process. Our state-of-the-art machines including automatic cutting machines and others come from Japan, China, and Italy. We have been using the world’s most advanced shoe stitching machine such as Juki from Japan among others,” informs Keshav.


Vajeer’s success mantra is Quality Products that are durable and affordable. Its pioneering works include not only automation but also having an in-house raw material testing lab for quality checks and a strong R&D division. “We are making an entire range of footwear products from PU to sports shoes and sandals. Innovations have led us to introduce strategic manufacturing and all these factors significantly contribute to our sales and revenue growth with a trusted brand for our customers,” concludes Keshav.



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