Growing stages of Entrepreneurship

Dear Friends,

I have been engaged in Media and Exhibition business "Incense Media" for last few years. Before that, I was working on a Technology and Communication platform called "Live My Event" to offer turnkey live streaming services to clients from all walks. Journey so far, has been thrilling, full of ups & downs, of recognition and ofcourse, full of experiences too.

Reason why I wanted to write this post is to let you know the stages of Entrepreneurship, through my experiences. May be, I can explain my experiences upto only my current experience level, yet a journey is a journey, by all means.

As a Solo Business Person, it is never a easy affair.

And, I personally feel, the starting of a business is always a matter 'Heart', rather than the Brain, as you need to follow your passion, which is nothing but to follow your Heart. Heart only shows you the path of doing the right things at right time.

So, as a Solo Entrepreneur, you are either a Top Executive of some company or atleast a successful employee. May be with a AC office, an office assistant or a Team to obey your orders. But, everything suddenly changes, the moment you decide to be your own. May be you are the cleaner of your own office, your office may not be the AC one, may be one room of your home is your office. You may be a Entrepreneur immediately after your studies or with a minimum experience too. That is where you see big dreams and your fellows are looking for MNC Jobs.

So, what are the pre-requisites for starting a business ?

Let me tell you. You need to have an Idea to work upon, then the network, then the agenda to give your customer

Entrepreneurs put a face to a company.

Solopreneurs can be great networkers, as well. One major difference is that anentrepreneur may be more comfortable spending all day at a variety of networking opportunities and client meetings, while a solopreneur is content simply doing the work.



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