An Interview with Nikunj Malde of LaWhiff Fragrances Mumbai

An Interview with Nikunj Malde of LaWhiff Fragrances Mumbai

Compiled by Payal Agrawal

Back in 1984, it all started as an import and export business dealing with aromatic chemicals. A few
years later, in 2010, the company (LaWhiff Fragrances) was established as a full-fledged business, whose purpose was to manufacture the base fragrance and chemicals used in many types of fragrances,
including Agarbatti & Dhoop, Fine Fragrances, Shampoos, Cosmetics, Hair Oil, and Candles.

LaWhiff was established through the efforts and diligent work of the family.

During a brief discussion with Mr. Nikunj Malde, we gained a deeper
understanding of his business and the magic the company creates in fragrances.


Team LaWhiff Fragrances at one of Incense Media's Exhibition. Nikunj Malde in Black Shirt.


Incense Media : What is inside this bottle of perfume ?

Nikunj : With such a strong backward integration, La Whiff Fragrances has developed a series of
bases, known as art essence and eco essence, which are a solution for every manufacturer
having problems with their fragrances. We need to create a unique and different identity for
our company in a highly competitive market. To achieve this, we use the following bases: Art
essence & Eco essence, which not only give a perfume a different identity but also enhance
its strength and dilution capability, while keeping the costing factor in mind. 

We offer a wide range of assortments that are prepared by well-defined
industry norms using quality ingredients. The product range we offer is high in demand by

the clients due to their unique attributes such as
accurate composition, long shelf life, and optimum quality. The products that we offer to our
clients are based on their specific needs, and we offer them at a low price in line with
the market price.

Incense Media : What kind of challenges do you face in the business? 

Nikunj : While there are just a few players in the sector, we're holding our position well with our
information and the proper handling of agarbatti's raw materials. The market is changing and
we can buy better quality items at lower prices. It has been
found that procuring raw materials has proven to be one of the most challenging aspects of
the manufacturing industry because of the fluctuating price of raw materials in this market.

Fluctuating prices are the biggest challange at present. 

Incense Media : Would you mind telling us who helped you to achieve this height in the market?

Nikunj : It is my privilege to take this opportunity to thank all members of my family who have
contributed to our success, especially Late Shri Dhiru Bhai Gosrani, Shri Mansukh Bhai
Gosrani, Mr. Vijay Gosrani, and Mr. Rumit Shah.

Incense Media : What are your plans to deal with the competition in the market?

Nikunj : Rather than focusing on direct branding, our company focuses on industrial products. This
industry requires us to offer a wide range of products at competitive prices, as well as a
higher volume of customized products at competitive prices. Currently, we are working on a
cosmetics product and a roll-on product. Each perfumery has approximately 25000 square
feet of warehouse space and 10000 square feet of inventory space due to a lack of manpower.
Our business is growing daily, we coordinate every day, and we are prepared for any change
that may arise. 

With the aid of our modern infrastructure setup, we can manufacture the range of products
we are offering promptly. To meet the needs of the organization, we have hired a team of
highly skilled professionals who have been carefully selected based on their knowledge in
their respective fields. As a result of our superior products, we have been able to achieve
high levels of client satisfaction as a result of our higher quality products. With the help of our
expertise in conducting a variety of research & development activities, we can further
improve our technical excellence. Additionally, we are backed up by a wide network of
connections that enable us to deliver the offered products safely to the clients once they
have been ordered. There are more than 100 employees employed at our company, both
skilled and unskilled. The majority of our outlets and offices are located in Mumbai and
Bangalore, among other places. 

Incense Media : How is the environment affected by this industry and entry into
the international market?

Nikunj : The chemicals we use are only those that are environmentally friendly. We want to make it
very clear that even our ETPs (Effluent Treatment Plants) do not emit any pollutants into the
environment at all. Even though we do not sell directly to consumers, our base is used in
several branded perfumes even though we are not a direct supplier of those products. Since
there is an abundance of raw materials available in India, Indian perfumes are renowned for
their long-lasting properties, as well as the fact that they are made from natural ingredients
that make them last a long time. There has been tremendous growth in the local perfume
market in Gujarat in recent years, which has become one of the world's largest and most
competitive markets. As far as infrastructure norms are concerned, the use of perfumery
products in India is not restricted in terms of infrastructure standards, so as far as the use of
perfumery products is concerned, we are free to use as many as we like. The demand for
essential oils is one of the highest in the world today, with India being one of the top
countries for the supply of these oils. Thus, it can be said that exports have a much brighter
future than they had in the past. 
There is no doubt that fragrance is an important part of everyday life and we are committed
to making sure that tradition persists. According to our belief, a good fragrance can enhance
a person's mood and make their day a lot more pleasant by enhancing their mood.


Aadil Shah

Aadil Shah July 26, 2023, 3:29 p.m.

really happy to see such budding enterprises in India

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