An Interview with Mr. Senthil Kumar – Delta’s Trade Link

An Interview with Mr.Senthil Kumar – Founder of Delta’s Trade Link

Incense Media recently had an opportunity to interact with Mr. Senthil Kumar, Founder of Dindigul, Tamilnadu based Delta's, Trade Link.

Here is the conclusion from the discussion..

Incense Media - How did the idea of manufacturing sambrani/loban strike you?

Senthil Kumar - On a fine Sunday, in the year of 1999 when the household cooking was happening they required coconut for cooking. There was no coconut in home and all the shops were closed since it was a Sunday. Then I found a whole coconut near the tree and I started to remove the skin of the coconut, at the same time my son took a loban box from the pooja room and dropped it. When I saw the coconut and loban together the idea striked in my mind, so I mixed them both to set fire and I was amazed to see the fragrance coming out of it like divine. That sparkled the idea of manufacturing sambrani/loban.

Delta's Team being felicitated by Malaysian Minister in Kuala Lumpur

Incense Media - How did you get the idea of doing sambrani/loban in the shape of the cup?

Senthil Kumar - The idea initially was not making it in the shape of the cup. When I figured out the fragrance of loban and was confused how to put it together as a product, then I started to trial and error so many methods. After six months I found that there is machinery to manufacture this product into shape and started to work with the kind of some manual mechanics. When the work began I got small leads into this business in third party manufacturing and also started to brand this product in the name of navini for my own.

Incense Media - We understand your great interest in machinery, what made you so much interested in the field of machinery?

Senthil Kumar - I was basically a tractor mechanic during initial stages of my life, from that time I find field of machinery to be very fascinating. I was always interested in doing something innovative in machinery and manufacturing. I always wanted to reduce the lead time in any manufacturing process and that drew my so much attention in machinery and automation.

Incense Media - How difficult it was to market the product at the initial stage ?

Senthil Kumar - Initial stages are always tough, no matter whatever the field may be. It took some time to understand the needs of the people and figuring out the strategy to be with the tough competition in the market. It took more than 8-9 years of hard work to meet out the marketing difficulties.

Incense Media - Tell me about your family and how it served as a backbone for your business?

Senthil Kumar - My family consists of five members including my wife, two sons and a daughter. We have certain plans and roles to each and every one of us that we follow on a regular basis. Family members are the pillars in the development of my career ever since I started.We always believe in hardwork are always committed to work.

Incense Media - What would you want to tell your buyers about your product, which are spread world over ?

Senthil Kumar - The divinity in the product is what the customer needs. Instead of I say anything about my product, ask my customers, because they love using our product and it serves as a part in their everyday’s prayer. The product is now worldwide available and it is due to the customer satisfaction and our relationship with our customer.

Incense Media - How is the awareness of this product among the people?

Senthil Kumar - Sambrani is being used since ages. It has immense benefits to the home and also for the personal health. The siddhas and rishis used this product to a great extent onto the removal of negative energy. It is a divine energy and fragrance that rejuvenates the surrounding. The awareness is always there and we are just making them remember it again.

Incense Media - How is your journey with Incense Media?

Senthil Kumar - It is a great platform to meet and exchange ideas between people. I love to travel with Incense Media towards the positive development and growing together in future. Incense  Media is like a family to us. It helps to unfold the wings of the company throughout the world and reaching the customers from all the corners.We show our full support to the events by not only the words also by sponsoring those events.

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