Soap & Detergent Forum

SOAP & DETERGENT FORUM by Incense Media is a National Community for Soap, Detergent & Toiletries industry.

SOAP & DETERGENT FORUM by Incense Media is an effort to build a National Community for Soap, Detergent & Toiletries industry.


Activities, Offerings and Benefits:

  1. Networking : Meet virtually

Online networking meets over Zoom or Skype to address the issues, educate, motivate, guide etc.

Members will be empowered to ask queries/concerns in online web meets. Senior or capable members can address various issues through Web Meeting as and when required.

  1. Share your knowledge & Get Knowledge from other members.
  2. Publishing of Annual Directory of Members. Hardcopy of Directory shall be provided free to all members. For non-members Rs. 600/-
  3. Membership Certificate.
  4. Free copy of Soap & Detergent Journal for all members during membership tenure.
  5. Avail Discounts and Privileges during Soap & Detergent Expo and other events of Incense Media Group.


Membership Fee :


Rs. 2500/- for one year (applicable till 31.3.2021).

Special Offer : Rs. 1000 / -only (for Limited time). GST 18% Extra

Foreign Members - USD 50 (Can be paid through Paypal. Please ask for a link if you are from outside India and wish to be a member)


What’s not covered in FORUM:


  1. Don’t expect FORUM to get into the matter related dues, vendor payment and cheats.
  2. We are a non-political FORUM. But as and when required, we can prepare presentations to members for further action, provided inputs are available.
  3. As Incense Media FORUM is a privately owned community, powered by Incense Media Group, there will be no elections, no committee etc. We are a community; hence, we will have advisors and guides. Everybody is equally responsible and empowered in the community.


We wish to invite Advisors and Guide from industry to help each other. We welcome people from each state on our Advisory Board (Initially planning to keep 10 members). If you wish to take any responsibility and can suggest some measures, please revert to +91 9549404000 or email to [email protected].


You may be asked to submit your documents for the verification of your business. We may make necessary changes in the working of FORUM, as and when required.


All rights, about membership, are reserved by Incense Media.

Soon, we may have other business activities for FORUM members (on paid basis), like advising businesses on Retail and Franchising etc. Shall inform the details, once we are ready with the model.


All the communication to members will be done in Email/WhatsApp. Please save +91 9549404000 on your number.


Please pay membership fee here online